Jewelry 3D Printers

Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

3D printing is showing to the Jewelry industry to be a real key player. The technology has revolutionized the way precious metals and gemstones are handle and worked. It has opened new, unexplored paths in terms of design possibilities as well as rapid and cost efficient manufacturing techniques. The 3D printers Cad Blu offers produce precise physical models, prototypes, casting patterns, and direct-use parts – in a wide variety of wax, plastic, metal, and other materials.


FABPRO® 1000


Figure 4 Jewelry



Figure 4 Jewelry

Meet Your Needs

Fully integrated technology platform, delivers unparalleled speed, productivity, ultra-fine detail and smooth surface finish.

High Quality Patterns

Non-contact membrane technology, combined MicroPoint™ support structures minimizes part-to-support interaction, and results in the smoothest sidewalls & best-in-class for jewelry applications.

Ultra-Fine Detail

Proprietary print build styles developed for jewelry, for delicate or thicker geometries, it optimizes jewelry prints for settings, sharp prongs, fine mesh, and more!

Labor Cost Reduction

MicroPoint™ ultra-fine tip support structures allow both easy support removal and smoother surface finish, reducing downstream labor costs and production time.

ProJet MJP 2500W

High Resolution

Consistently print true-to-CAD and fine feature definition jewelry patterns with exact, razor-sharp edges and extreme crisp details.

Casting Reliability

MultiJet printed patterns hold tight tolerances, ideal for complex precision metal components manufacturing with reduced or no finishing work.

High Throughput

A 100% wax jewelry patterns printer that adjusts to your workflow. It delivers from several short-run batches a day to the next for larger builds at high productivity.

High Productivity

Streamline your file-to-pattern workflow with the advanced 3D Sprint software, fast & versatile print speeds, and batch support removal to deliver high quality, ready-to-cast jewelry patterns.

FabPro 1000


Preparing part files for printing & monitoring print jobs is easy with 3D Sprint®. Replacing print trays & switching materials is a snap, post-processing is only 2 steps.


Rapid and distributed production of prototypes offers high quality, speed, and accuracy with convenience and accessibility.

High Throughput

FabPro prints at up 3x faster high-throughput print speeds compared to the same part file printed on entry-level competition.

Quick UV Curing

Quick UV curing post-processing makes for better time to first part-in-hand. It offers accelerated development cycles for faster time-to-market and faster time-to-profit.

ProJet MJP 3600 Max

MultiJet Precision Parts

Get fine details and smooth finishes like no other with true-to-CAD quality and accuracy


Produce more parts quickly with print speeds up to 2x faster with increased flexibility and accelerated design repetition for better product quality


MJP parts simulate the look and feel of many injection molded plastics to allow visual assessment and test functionality

Built for Ease

Effective support removal enables greater geometric freedom

ProJet CJP 260Plus

Color 3D Printing

Create photo-realistic parts in full CMY color with small feature details and the ability to use full texture/UV mapping

Low Part Cost

Eliminate waste and reduce finishing time with parts up to 7x lower cost than other technologies,

VisiJet PXL Materials

Choose from a range of finishing options to meet your application requirements.

Compact and Affordable

Accelerate the product development process with up to 5X to 10X faster print speeds

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